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D0-0-T374 The transition evaluating the postcommunist experience edited by David W. Lovell 2002
D033-B955 Comparative federalism theory and practice Michael Burgess 2006
D034.4-N861 Electoral engineering voting rules and political behavior Pippa Norris 2004
D034-T558 Collective decisions and voting the potential for public choice Nicolaus Tideman 2006
D035.4-C737 Comparing political corruption and clientelism   edited by Junichi Kawata 2006
D035-M235 Making states work state failure and the crisis of governance edited by Simon Chesterman, Michael Ignatieff, and Ramesh Thakur 2005
D03-S774 The transformation of the state beyond the myth of retreat Georg Srensen 2004
D03-S797 States and citizens history, theory, prospects edited by Quentin Skinner and Bo Strath 2003
D05-A138 Anti-political-establishment parties a comparative analysis by Amir Abedi 2004
D068-K14 The logic of violence in civil war   Stathis N. Kalyvas 2006
D081-C582 Civil society in democratization   edited by Peter Burnell and Peter Calvert 2003
D081-W589 Equality   Stuart White 2007
D082-B6172(2) The concepts and theories of modern democracy   Anthony H. Birch 2001
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D082-D691 Democratic transitions exploring the structural sources of the fourth wave Renske Doorenspleet 2005
D082-E96 Exporting democracy rhetoric vs. reality edited by Peter J. Schraeder 2002
D082-G886 Democratization a critical introduction Jean Grugel 2002
D082-H474(3) Models of democracy   David Held 2006
D082-K54 The state, democracy and globalization   Roger King and Gavin Kendall 2004
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D082-O58 On the state of democracy   edited by Julio Faundez 2007
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D501-H668 Neverending wars the international community, weak states, and the perpetuation of civil war Ann Hironaka 2005
D502-O441 Old Europe, new Europe, and the US renegotiating transatlantic security in the post 9/11 era edited by Tom Lansford and Blagovest Tashev 2005
D503-E56 Ending the Cold War interpretations, causation, and the study of international relations edited by Richard K. Herrmann and Richard Ned Lebow 2004
D512.38-K83 East to west migration Russian migrants in western Europe Helen Kopnina 2005
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D51-N279 Kondratieff waves, warfare and world security   edited by Tessaleno C. Devezas 2006
D521-M6855 Mixed-member electoral systems the best of both worlds? edited by Matthew Soberg Shugart and Martin P. Wattenberg 2003
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D564-P769 Political parties and political systems the concept of linkage revisited edited by Andrea Rommele, David M. Farrell, and Piero Ignazi 2005
D57-A371 Fighting poverty in the US and Europe a world of difference Alberto Alesina and Edward L. Glaeser 2004
D57-C536 Children and social security   edited by Jonathan Bradshaw 2003
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D750.21-532-E8925 Europe: rethinking the boundaries   edited by Philomena Murray and Leslie Holmes 1998
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D750.22-A221 Adapting to EU multi-level governance regional and environmental policies in cohesion and CEE countries edited by Christos Paraskevopoulos, Panagiotis Getimis, Nicholas Rees 2006
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D750.22-W814 Regional state aid and competition policy   by Fiona Wishlade 2003
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D750.24-B186 We, the people of Europe? reflections on transnational citizenship Etienne Balibar ; translated by James Swenson 2004
D750.24-B283 Human rights conditionality in the EU's international agreements   Lorand Bartels 2005
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D750.24-E38 The 2004 elections to the European Parliament   edited by Juliet Lodge 2005
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D750.35-O15 The politics of EU police cooperation toward a European FBI? John D. Occhipinti 2003
D750.35-P766 Police and justice co-operation and the new European borders   [edited by] Malcolm Anderson and Joanna Apap 2002
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D750.38-M627 Middle East and North African immigrants in Europe current impact, local and national responses edited by Ahmed Al-Shahi and Richard Lawless 2004
D750.38-M636 Migration, education and change   edited by Sigrid Luchtenberg 2004
D750.38-N532 New challenges for migration policy in Central and Eastern Europe   edited by Frank Laczko, Irene Stacher, Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels 2002
D750.38-S681 Soft or hard borders? managing the divide in an enlarged Europe edited by Joan DeBardeleben 2005
D750.391-B664 Europe and refugees towards an EU asylum policy Ingrid Boccardi 2002
D750.391-L839 The right to seek refugee status in the European Union   Sylvie De Lomba 2004
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D750.3-C312 Managing conflict in the new Europe the role of international institutions Fergus Carr and Theresa Callan 2002
D750.3-E89 European governance after Nice   edited by Koji Fukada 2002
D750.3-I34 Improving the quality of East and West European public services   edited by Elke Loffler and Mirko Vintar 2004
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D750.62-B8861 Nationalism reframed nationhood and the national question in the New Europe Rogers Brubaker 1996
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D750.7-T374 The OECD and European welfare states   edited by Klaus Armingeonand Michelle Beyeler 2004
D750.7-T374 The politics of post-industrial welfare states adapting post-war social policies to new social risks edited by Klaus Armingeon and Giuliano Bonoli 2006
D750.7-W445 Welfare policy from below struggles against social exclusion in Europe edited by Heinz Steinert and Arno Pilgram 2003
D750.81-B416 Tensions in the struggle for sexual minority rights in Europe que(e)rying political practices Nico J. Beger 2004
D750.81-G427 Work, family and childcare an empirical analysis of European households Joris Ghysels 2004
D750.81-H251 Family policy matters responding to family change in Europe Linda Hantrais 2004
D750.81-O96 Overstretched European families up against the demands of work and care edited by Teppo Kroger and Jorma Sipila 2005
D750.81-S678 Social policy, employment and family change in comparative perspective   edited by Jonathan Bradshaw, Aksel Hatland 2006
D750.82-H8471 How to reduce unemployment in Europe   edited by Mario Baldassarri 2003
D750.82-O44 Welfare for the unemployed in Britain and Germany who benefits? Frances McGinnity 2004
D750.82-W92612 Work and employment in Europe a new convergence? edited by Peter Cressey and Bryn Jones 1995
D750.85-A182 A community for children? children, citizenship, and internal migration in the EU Louise Ackers, Helen Stalford 2004
D750.85-Y75 Young people in Europe labour markets and citizenship edited by Harriet Bradley and Jacques van Hoof 2005
D750.85-Y83 Youth unemployment and social exclusion in Europe a comparative study edited by Torild Hammer 2003
D750.868-E35 Citizenship in an enlarging Europe from dream to awakening Barbara Einhorn 2006
D750.868-P197 The gender of democracy citizenship and gendered subjectivity Maro Pantelidou Maloutas 2006
D750.868-W87222 Women and European employment   Jill Rubery ... [et al.] 1998
D750.868-W926 Working mothers in Europe a comparison of policies and practices edited by Ute Gerhard, Trudie Knijn, Anja Weckwert 2005
D750.869-E89 European disability pension policies 11 country trends, 1970-2002 Christopher Prinz (ed.), with an introduction by Bernd Marin 2003
D750.86-G562 Globalization, uncertainty and late careers in society   edited by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz and Dirk Hofacker 2006
D750.88-E519 Anti-drugs policies of the European Union transnational decision-making and the politics of expertise Martin Elvins 2003
D750.88-I61 International approaches to prostitution law and policy in Europe and Asia Edited by Geetanjali Gangoli and Nicole Westmarland 2006
D750.89-E96 Extreme right activists in Europe through the magnifying glass edited by Bert Klandermans and Nonna Mayer 2006
D750.8-D997 The dynamics of social exclusion in Europe comparing Austria, Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK edited by Eleni Apospori and Jane Millar 2005
D750.8-K768 Borderline cases the ethnic frontiers of European integration Ullrich Kockel 1999
D750.8-N53211 New perspectives on the welfare state in Europe   edited by Catherine Jones 1993
D750.8-P523 Development of culture, welfare states and women's employment in Europe   Birgit Pfau-Effinger 2004
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D750.8-S686 Solidarity between the sexes and the generations transformations in Europe edited by Trudie Knijn and Aafke Komter 2004
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D750.9-G292 The myth of nations the medieval origins of Europe Patrick J. Geary 2003
D750.9-R846 The European population since 1945   Franz Rothenbacher 2005
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D750.9-S862 Solidarity in Europe the history of an idea Steinar Stjern2 2005
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D750-B635 Companion to the European Union   Alasdair Blair 2006
D750-D489-2 Developments in the European Union 2   edited by Maria Green Cowles and Desmond Dinan 2004
D750-D635 Supranational citizenship   Lynn Dobson 2006
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